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The Lions Skin Cancer Screening Unit will be at the MD Convention in May 2020

Screening will take place at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Convention.

Bookings are NOW OPEN.

Please call 0491 755 949 to book your skin cancer screening appointment.

Australia’s Skin Cancer Epidemic

The current skin cancer screening program has been a Lions District C2 project since 2011 and District C1 since 2014.

The following outcomes have been achieved:

  • 13,737 (as at 31 August 2019) people have been screened
  • Very high referral rate of 22% to general practitioners for further investigation
  • 2,745 have been identified as having suspected life-threatening lesions if no further medical attention is taken
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Skin Cancer Facts

  • Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world
  • Two out of every three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer
  • It is the most common cancer affecting youth Australians
  • Early diagnosis has a dramatic and critical impact on successful treatment because skin cancers can grow rapidly
  • If a melanoma on the skin’s surface is treated, you have a better than 95% chance of a normal life again. But, if not diagnosed and treated, that same melanoma can, in only a few months, grow down into the skin just 4mm – it is then odds-on that you will die within 5 years.
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